Making It The Fastest Trailer On Youtube To Cross 100K likes Here’s The Trailer Review Of Raees


Film: Raees
Release Date: 25 January 2017
Director: Rahul Dholakia
Music composed by: Ram Sampath
Producers: Farhan Akhtar, Gauri Khan, Ritesh Sidhwani
“Ami Jan Kehti Theen, Koi Dhanda Chota Nahi Hota Aur Dhannday Say Bhra Koi Dharam Nahi Hota” This movie starts with this dialogue by SRK and it’s already became one of his Hit Dialogues of All Time. The film has all the commercial ingredients and it is set to be a paisa-vasool entertainer. The 2-45-minute-long trailer of Raees offers a hint at a brief story line of the movie, which has been written by Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi and Niraj Shukla.

In Raees, Shah Rukh Khan plays a bootlegger-turned-politician and glimpses of his portrayal are nothing but a subtle reminder of the refreshing truth that this superstar has marched ahead of the mushy Raj and Rahul of celluloid.With a mean gaze and self-satisfied smirk, Khan makes bad look good.Most Viral Trailer
The Raees trailer is a healthy mix of action, romance and drama, and has blockbuster written all over it and Yep! The excitement for the film will keep you up at nights. It was a glimpse that Raees film will be dazzling with witty and quotable dialogues and the trailer proves the notion more strongly. Raees is a very well written film and the dialogues are going to be sure shot memorable. It’s difficult to describe, but Shah Rukh Khan is outstanding when it comes to dialogue delivery, especially when playing characters with evil shades. The dialogue writers have done justice too as ‘Ammi Jaan Kehti thi…..’, ‘Baniye ka dimaag, Miyanbhai ki daring’, ‘Battery saala’ or even the ‘Aa Raha Hoon’ has already become popular, And giving him company this time is ever dependable Nawazuddin Siddiqui. His and Shah Rukh Khan’s chemistry is one just another level. They compliment each other.
SRK vs Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Not many can match SRK when it comes to on-screen histrionics in a negative role, but Nawaz is a brilliant actor. His presence has been felt in the trailer, which promises to make the one-upmanship or the cat and mouse game between the two phenomenally exciting.
Performance-wise, Raees will be a film to watch out for.What’s a SRK film without even a lil bit of romance. So there is this super cute romantic scene with Mahira that will give you butterflies in the stomach. Yes! Mahira Khan is there in the trailer.
Raees has won the initial battle for sure.

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