Nach Baliye 8, Episode 17: Perfect score fails to save Aashka Goradia, Brent Goble from elimination

Nach Baliye’s Season eight Episode 17, ‘Remo-wala dancing’ continues this Sunday as a special guest – Remo D’Souza – makes a strong entry with performance dropping chin on the song ‘Hukum ka ikka boss’ With all the challenge, such as Wild Ripperz, Banjara Girls, I’m Hip Hop crew 13.13 dance troupe.

The first couple to come to the stage were Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble who have been in a lot of pain due to ankle injuries. However, he decides to continue the same choreography while competing with the challengers, I’m Hip Hop crew, and perform foot-tapping numbers, ‘Char baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai’. Remo is amazed at their performance, and Aashka Goradia and Brent opinion about Aogobendres: “You guys nailed it.” Terrence Lewis gave them a standing ovation and said, “You start enjoying the dance and treat like play, It is called a definite artist. This is your best performance by date. ” Mohit, while Sonakshialso thanks to the challenge, while they are taking out the best for you, with all the steps you can see to see your pain.”

And for the first time ever, a reality show participant manages a trophy for another show! The couple had a standing ovation, as well as their first perfect score of 40, and on top of Cherry Guest Judge Remo, the winner of his Dance Plus Trophy was also decided to be a Aashka and Brent.

Moving, Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani performed with the Banjara Girls to the song ‘Chhooke bole na choona mujhe’, it was visually stunning. I gave a standing ovation to the poet. Mohit tries to solo and attempt to hold all of his females in performance. “There was a lot of effort put in by both teams, but those half-grown girls were always missing one outstanding piece, to do so.

This law was followed by an interesting game with Remo and Terence, whose BR is quite a talking point. In the first round, Terence had to guess the Remo’s favourite song wich he had choreographed. Terence thought it was from ‘Bezuban’, but it was actually a ‘Mastani’ from ‘ Bajirao Mastani.’ and Modified Remo. As a ‘punishment’, Terence had to take the hooks of ‘Mastani’ and he was very graceful. So, because REMONY could not remember Terence’s birthday, he danced with ‘I got it’. However, Terence can correctly guess Remo’s favorite Bollywood dancer (Dedeba).

Finally,Abigail and Sanam take on the stage with 13.13 dance troupes and perform a variety of the same number ‘Mere saamnewali khidki’, Chura liya hai’ and ‘Yeh vaada raha’ San Cancer started as a participant but now managed to impress the remo, which is out pointed out as a celebrity. “I know Abigail and Sanam dance skills and it’s the most difficult to match the steps with 13.13 but you guys were outstanding. It was killer performance,” remo. “Extreme city, a new school specializing in hip-hop.” I liked the Sanam Age, but Abigail did not do well. “I did not feel too pleased with their performance and added an evil poem,” It was good, I look forward to things. ”

However, Remo kept their behavior good: “We’ve used it to watch acrobatic stuff, and we tend to forget that dancing is the most important thing.”

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