Mumbai Police and Ajay Devgn Join Hands to Combat Serious Crimes

Ever since the time Ajay Devgn vie the direct geographical region Police in Singham, he became a job model for several. The impact of his role was therefore tremendous, that the metropolis Police created him the complete ambassador for his or her ‘Jagrut Mumbaikar’ campaign, that befell a number of years agone.

This time spherical, the metropolis Police and Ajay ‘Singham’ Devgn be a part of hands another time. this point spherical, it absolutely was for associate degree awareness programme targeting serious crime. Recently, Ajay Devgn launched a video from the Police Commissioner’s workplace during which he urged the voters regarding safe banking. This was 1st during a series of the varied videos which can be extended for the general public service campaigns so as to unfold awareness on confronting the rampant issue of dishonorable bank callers.

Speaking regarding the initiative,Ajay Devgn aforesaid, “I are trailing metropolis Police’s digital campaigns on Twitter. And, unnecessary to mention, I too, am amongst the millions World Health Organization has been very affected by it. i’m humiliated and worthy to increase my support to metropolis Police to combat law and order problems with my town and country.

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