Irrfan Khan starrer collects Rs 14.25 crore in four days

According to the lead role of Hindi culture medium ‘, the leading role of il Fern Khan and Saba kama, won the rs 2.75 rupee net on its first Monday.The total collection of Sacket Chow Daily covered rs It stands at 14.25 rupees (net). Films declared ‘exempt’ by the government of Maharastra collected rs 2.50 rupees on Friday, followed by rs 4 rupee Sunday and rs 5 rupees on Sunday.
Slice of life comedy is a story of thousands of Indian parents aspiring to enter the children in English middle school. Besides that, we not only explore the division of Hindi versus English, but also tell a message to eradicate the tendency to one pitch for the other.
Posted that release that gained momentum via ‘Hindi culture medium’ good words.

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