8 Fashion Fails At The 2017 Golden Globes You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Jessica Chastain

While we got some super flawless worn outs at the Golden Globes 2017, we also had our eyes on the ‘Fashion Don’ts’. Check out these eight dress fails of the hit celebrities
1- Carrie Underwood
Carrie underwood wasn’t looking less than a cake to some twitter users as she’s seen wearing a pale pink Iris Surban ruffled gown. This 33 Year Old singer miss fashioned the Red Carpet.

Carrie Underwood
2- Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara Wrapped up in a sprinkly sparkly starry dress by Zuhair Murad didn’t impres her fans as it seemed a little too much. ALAS, NO SWEETIE!

Sofia Vergara

3- Nicole Kidman
This star is seemed to take fashion risks all the time but this time it didn’t go her way. Pathetic extreme silvery awkward cut-out sleeves on her Alexander McQueen gown.

Nicole Kidman
4- Jessica Chastain
Jessica’s Yesterday’s dress was all about ‘Fittings gone all wrong’. The Blue Prada Dress was a classy thing to wear but we guess it didn’t fit well on Jessica Chastain.

Jessica Chastain
5- Kerrie Russell
Kerri Russell who is a 40 year old American Star, Didn’t seem to stand out from the rest and looked absolutely underwhelmed wearing this leopard-printed dress.

Kerrie Russell
6- Zoe Saldanaon
A big Guccie Fail this year by this 38 years old night actress. We expected more Zoe!

Zoe Saldanaon
7- Sophie Turner
We know this Sar looked stunning in the whole Game Of Thrones show but not really on The Red Carpet. This 20 year old Star took a fashion gamble that unfortunately didn’t pay off, spotting a bizarre Louise Vuitton dress that Aged her more than Anything.

Sophie Turner

8- Chrissy Teigan
The Slay Queen couldn’t sense fashion this time and went all clownish with the ruffly halter collar of her Marchesa dress.

Chrissy Teigan




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