‘Chalay Thay Saath’ joins other washouts of 2017!:Box Office Update

It may sound a bit early to say, but the signs are not prosperous of the latest Pakistan release ‘Chalet thay Saath’.

Syra Sheroz starer Rom com released mainly last week’s Friday to a response that features a new face and is set to a picturesque north and lacks aesthetic. According to an unofficial, unidentified source, the movie can collect only 75 racks in the first week alone. The movie may enter its second week and cross its mark of one rupee in its lifetime execution.

Compared with other releases of the year, ‘Chalet thay Saath’ actually did better than washouts ‘Raasta’, ‘thora jee ray’ and ‘whistle’. Unfortunately, in one movie, not in a box office, until now, you can do it ever. Here is the summary of the approximate collection of the 2017 release so far. Balu mahi -3.0 rupee
Chalet thay Saath – 0.75 rupee *
Raasta – 0.60 rupee
Thora jee Le -0.35 rupee
Whistle – 0.05 rupee
still playing at the cinema.

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